Welcome to the World of the Aegeans

A world where everything is not as it seems.

Here, in a march across millennia, mythical creatures move throughout the societies of men on a journey that brings them out of the shadows. With the help of true love — or a nudge from fate, every Aegean discovers the dawn.

As writers, the bonds, beauty and power of these creatures draw us into their world over and over again. Each new story serves as an inspiration for countless others, breathing life into a world and series worth writing for years to come.

We hope you laugh with, cry for, rage against, and cheer on our characters as they chart their sometimes-wayward course through eternity. It is our pleasure to write their stories, and, we hope, your satisfaction to experience them.

Thank you so much for dropping by. Come again soon.

Best Regards,

Renee and Rae


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An image of a man in regency attire and cloaked in shadow. The man has blonde hair and silver eyes, and stands looking directly at the viewer with his hand oustretched as if to beckon them closer.

“With The World of the Aegeans, Renee and Rae introduce readers to a sweeping paranormal universe… Taking great care with historical detail, the authors weave a rich tale of love, betrayal, and what it means to be free.”

Jennifer Dinsmore Editorial, 2019

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