Aegean Lore

Many words have been whispered over time to identify cursed humans. But, descended from the original Firsts of their kind, these supernatural beings walk among us as a creation apart. Disguised by a beauty that masks the beastliness hiding beneath their skin, all possess the gift of power that mortals can only imagine.

Over four thousand years ago, the story of our paranormal world began in the mists of myth and legend at the height of the Aegean Minoan empire. The gods of old have long since vanished — their gifts and their curses all that remain as evidence they ever were.

Fae, Immortals, Shifters and Lycans — these are the Aegeans, and these are their stories.


The origins of the Aegean Fae are shrouded in a mystery as old as the Greek islands and time itself. A creation apart, the Fae have always walked among men; servants of ancient, forgotten gods and among the eldest of the paranormal species who share the mortal realm. Only the Royal Court remains of the first created those who reign over the Court of the Sun, the Court of the Moon and the offspring of their generations.

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The story of the Aegean Immortal bloodline began with the seed of a single Sun Court Fae. Cursed into a savage, Immortal life as a Blood Drinker, the First Mother became an outcast from the Fae Kingdom. Her offspring have haunted the world’s shadows for millennia, possessed of superior preternatural senses, strength and power. Bonded together through the music in their Aegean blood, they are, among their mythical family, the truly eternal.

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The story of the Aegean Shifters was one of born of love without boundaries. As the offspring of ancient Fae who had been fated to love human bond-mates, the first generation of Sun and Moon Court Half Bloods evolved into a unique species with a power all their own. Unwelcome in the realm of the Fae, but with the gifts and powers of the gods running in their impure blood, the halflings found an escape in their power to shift into the form of natural and mythical beasts.

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The tale of the Aegean Lycans began in the world of men. Among the first generations of Half Blood Shifters were those who walked openly among mortals. Their offspring – fae-blooded children – succumbed to the allure of the beast in their nature and became the sires of a new, dark race. With feral strength, preternatural senses and a wild vulnerability to the phases of the moon, of all their preternatural bloodkin, it is the Aegean Lycans who are considered truly cursed.

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