The Fae are the most powerful supernatural race of Aegeans, needing only their innate connection to the gods of old to survive and maintain their powers. As a living, humanoid creation, they possess heartbeats, a body heat comparable to humans, and the equivalent of all human bodily functions. The Fae are a mortal race, though their connection to divine power enables them to live for multiple millennia until their natural deaths. They can also be killed by sustaining a mortal injury, though these rarely occur.

The existence of the  Fae remains hidden from the majority of human society, selectively revealed only to those secret societies with whom they choose to collaborate, or to potential human bond mates.

Despite their secrecy, rumors of the Fair Folk have long permeated human societies, with both ill and good fortune among mortals being laid to their account. As a result, the Fae are still commonly feared and dreaded by the common folk, and respected by those humans taken into their confidence.



The origins of the Aegean Fae are shrouded in a mystery as old as the Greek islands and time itself. A creation apart, the Fae have always walked among men; servants of ancient, forgotten gods and among the eldest of the paranormal species who share the mortal realm. Only the Royal Court remains of the first created those who reign over the Court of the Sun, the Court of the Moon and the offspring of their generations.

Residents of a hidden Kingdom, the Fae move freely between the seen and unseen worlds, their good and ill will shape the destiny of the human realm with magic, gifts, and curses. From their bloodline have both the curses of the Lycan and Blood Drinkers sprung, and mortals have turned to the Kingdom for help in purging these plagues from their midst.

Fae Hunters now move freely among mortals, hunting and destroying their Lycan bloodkin while maintaining a tense alliance with other fae-blooded kindred.

Irresistible for their preternatural beauty and sensual natures, it is not uncommon to find their preferred hunting grounds in the British Isles sprinkled with their half-blood offspring. Despite their natures, the Fae are fated to find and forge only a single true Bond-Mate; one who possesses Fae blood and it is a destiny that drives them.

Despite a preference for living in their own realm, Fae Hunters have made a habit of living among the mortals they aim to protect when not otherwise being the source of their misery. Some have found a home in Ireland; the Emerald Isle, where our stories find them.


Also Known As
  • Fairy/Faerie/Faery/Fay/Fey
  • The Fair Folk
  • The Gentry
Notable Features
  • Supernatural beauty
  • Insect-like wings
  • The Realm of the Fae
  • Ireland
Known Powers
  • Healing
  • Illusionary Magic
  • Shapeshifting
  • Elemental Magic