The Immortals are the sole eternal race of the Aegeans, needing soul bonds with other Immortals and the sustenance of blood to survive and maintain their powers. As cursed but living creatures, they possess heartbeats, body heat slightly cooler than that of humans, elongated canines, and a minimum of human bodily functions. The Aegean Immortals are an immortal race, able to reincarnate into physical bodies indefinitely until their soul forms an Eternal Bond with its soul mate. Eternal bond mates likewise will continue to seek each other out throughout eternity, even if separated by true death.

The existence of the Immortals has been kept a secret from human society, save for those mortals willing to enter into bond service with the race for access to their mysteries and gifts. The use of  humans to serve as the prey and sustenance for Immortals has resulted in a negative perception of the species by both humans and other Aegean races.

Despite their secrecy, rumors of the blood drinkers have long permeated human societies, with mythical names such as ‘Vampyre’ and ‘Nosferatu’ being used to identify them as monsters . As a result, the Immortals are dreaded by humanity and often hunted by those humans willing to confront an immortal adversary.



The story of the Aegean Immortal bloodline began with the seed of a single Sun Court Fae. Cursed into a savage, Immortal life as a Blood Drinker, the First Mother became an outcast from the Fae Kingdom. Her offspring have haunted the world’s shadows for millennia, possessed of superior preternatural senses, strength and power. Bonded together through the music in their Aegean blood, they are, among their mythical family, the truly eternal.

Feared as an abomination, but worshipped for her Fae magic by those who believed her the offspring of the gods, the exiled First Mother found a home in the world of men. Her temple was a gilded prison, built away from society on the Aegean island that was the land of her banishment.

Renowned for her beauty and coveted by those pursuing  the secret of her immortal life, the First Mother was served by mortal acolytes who vied for the honor of being her consort. Among them were those with a secret in their blood, and in their Fae blooded natures she found her sole connection to the Kingdom she had left behind. Her chosen achieved the highest ranks of prestige and power in the mortal world, and her favored the right to sire ‘a child of the gods’.

From around the known world they sought out her mystery, and with purpose, from the earth’s kindred, she seeded her kind. Monsters all, the children she birthed were Immortal and drinkers of blood, sharing a common symphony of their souls music to live. She bore them in pairs, several centuries apart, that they might never need to learn the loneliness of a solitary, eternal existence. Nine children she bore and sheltered within the security of her temple: the twins Kallikrates and Typhaine, Apollon, Alecto, Alkiviadis, Kyriake, Daidalos, Vissarion and Athanasia, her youngest.

For centuries the siblings lived together, discovering the limits of their burgeoning power. They ruled their island kingdom through the fall and rise of ages until the first signs of their withering began. Their collective song had lost the power to sustain them all and the time had come to grow their family and their symphony.

The eldest of the siblings, the twins Kallikrates and Typhaine made the decision that the family should part ways. Each pair would be given reign of the known great landmasses, and their youngest sister, Athanasia the rule of the islands of the sea. They would establish and build Immortal Houses in their territories and in so doing, secure the life and eternal well being of them all.

Athanasia began her island rule on the island of Britannia and its surrounding isles. It would come to be known in later times as  England. Here she raised up the origins of her Immortal line, from which the House of Anowen sprung.



Also Known As
  • Vampires
  • Nosferatu
  • The Undead
  • Demons
  • Monsters
Notable Features
  • Supernatural beauty
  • Elongated canines
  • Riveting eyes/gazes
  • Cool skin
  • England
  • The Pacific Islands
  • Rome, Italy
Known Powers
  • Telekinesis
  • Supernatural speed
  • Supernatural strength
  • Elemental magic