The Lycans are considered the most unfortunate of the Aegean kindred. Limited by both their human frailty and the feral instability of their cursed anthropomorphic form, the race is driven by a single, primal pack urge — to survive. As living, cursed humans, they possess heartbeats, a body heat warmer than humans, and the equivalent of all human bodily functions. The Lycans are a mortal race, though their connection to their Shifter heritage enables them to live for multiple centuries until their natural deaths. Lycans can be killed by sustaining a mortal injury to either their human or various shifted forms. In this regard they are more vulnerable than the remainder of their Aegean kindred, especially when being actively hunted.

Preferring the security of pack life and a collective community, most Lycans attempt to disguise themselves within more remote human societies, steering clear of larger cities in an effort to prevent an unintentional spread of their curse. Lycans will reveal their existence and identity only to their chosen mate and when they are inclined, to Immortal Aegeans who share a similar fate of being cursed into their existence.

Despite their best efforts to hide in the world of men, rumors of wild beasts who ravage beneath the full moon permeate human societies. Words like ‘werewolf’ identify the monsters men believe the Lycans to be, and they are the dread of men.



The tale of the Aegean Lycans began in the world of men. Among the first generations of Half Blood Shifters were those who walked openly among mortals. Their offspring – Fae-blooded children- succumbed to the allure of the beast in their nature and became the sires of a new, dark race. With feral strength, preternatural senses and a wild vulnerability to the phases of the moon, of all their preternatural bloodkin, it is the Aegean Lycans who are considered truly cursed.

On a small island of the  Greek archipelago, the kingdom of the Fae came to have influence on the lives of a tribe of mortals.

Fae-blooded children- the offspring of Shifters dwelling among them, were revered by the mortals for the gifts in their blood, and moved freely between worlds; a liaison in their childhood, between the mortal and mystical realms.

As they grew to adolescence, the youths discovered and developed the gift of their Fae-blooded power to shape shift. Once a year, in a ritual celebration observed by the tribe, the children made a habit of  shifting into the form of a pack of wolves and running for days.

With each passing year, the youths remained in their bestial form for longer and longer periods of time, until eventually, they never returned. Lost to an instinctual animal mind they forgot their ties to both the human and Fae realms, running free.  When their tribe sought them out, they found only wild animals where the children had been.

During their encounter, a member of the tribe was bitten by a Fae-wolf. The wound festered on the mortal and with the next full moon he was cursed into lycanthropy. He would be the first of many. With the discovery of the threat the Fae-wolves posed, the tribe declared war on the wolf pack and its cursed spawn. Hunting parties paid a steep price as the curse spread across the island and beyond with each encounter.

Helpless to stand against the rising tide of the curse, the tribe sought out the assistance of the Fae against the plague that that they had inadvertently unleashed upon men.  Fae and Shifter hunters were assigned to join the mortal hunts, and it was here that the animosity between the Fae, the Shifters and the Lycan was born. The Lycans fled the hunt across Europe and over the English channel into Scotland, where they have established a stronghold. Theirs is an enmity with the Fae that exists to this day, and an uneasy peace with their cursed Immortal kindred.

The shifted pack yet lives, protected and revered by Lycan Ancients in the hidden depths of the Grecian Lair they have claimed for refuge.



Also Known As
  • Werewolves
  • Beasts
  • Devils
  • Monsters
Notable Features
  • Supernatural strength
  • Supernatural speed
  • Elongated canines
  • Wolfish personality traits
  • Scotland, The United Kingdom
Known Powers
  • Shape shifting
  • Healing factor