The Shifters are the only hybrid race of the Aegeans, needing fresh infusions of their Fae bloodline to survive and maintain their  shapeshifting powers throughout generations. As a living, human hybrid, they possess heartbeats, a body heat comparable to humans, and the equivalent of all human bodily functions. The Shifters are a mortal race, though their connection to their Fae heritage enables them to live for multiple centuries until their natural deaths. Some Shifters of purer blood  are rumored to live as long as their Fae counterparts. Shifters can be killed by sustaining a mortal injury to either their human or shifted form. In this regard they are more vulnerable than the remainder of their Aegean kindred.

Preferring a solitary adult existence until mated, most Shifters find it easier to completely integrate with their chosen human society, reserving the freedom of their shifted identity for their own pleasures. Shifters will reveal their existence and identity only to their chosen mate and when they are inclined, to other Aegeans.

Because their relationship with human society is a dependent one, the Shifters are the least threatening of the Aegean races. Few myths and legends among mortals recognize their true nature or form, even when their shifted form has become the subject of Lore. As a result Shifters often move freely and unhindered in human society.



The story of the Aegean Shifters was one of born of love without boundaries. As the offspring of ancient Fae who had been fated to love human bond-mates, the first generation of Sun and Moon Court Half Bloods evolved into a unique species with a power all their own. Unwelcome in the realm of the Fae, but with the gifts and powers of the gods running in their impure blood, the halflings found an escape in their power to shift into the form of natural and mythical beasts.

Favoring the forms that reflected their natural temperaments, the Half Blood clans descended of Sun Court lineage took to the heights, choosing the freedom of a shift into birds of prey and the dragons of lore. Their blood kin of the lineage of the Moon Court found refuge in the wildness of the night creatures; the felines, lupines and water creatures of legend.

Grounded in the human world, the Shifters disciplined themselves not to succumb to the allure of their secondary beast nature, and where possible lived lives unremarked by the humans around them. Their preferred bond-mates were those of Fae blood -vital, as their power rested in the strength of their magical bloodline.

With the passage of centuries and more bonds formed across species, Half blood Fae are no longer unwelcome in the Fae realm, and a practical alliance has been forged between Shifters and their pure blooded Fae kin. Shifters will sometimes collaborate with the Fae to share the knowledge they have gleaned of humanity by living among them for millennia, as well as to share  the gifts they have honed on joint missions or hunts as needed.

Shifters can be found the world over, but several have chosen to make their home in the British Isles, and in particular have a fondness for the wildness of the isle of Wales.



Also Known As
  • Shapeshifters
  • Familiars
  • Dragonkin
  • Merfolk
  • Devils
Notable Features
  • Supernatural beauty
  • Supernatural senses
  • Animal equivalent strength and speed
  • Animal like personality
  • Wales, The United Kingdom
Known Powers
  • Shape shifting
  • Flight
  • Breathing underwater