Fall of Eternity

His memories are eternal…

Immortal Lord, Dorian Vaughn has a problem — if one he’s unwilling to admit. Rising tensions among Britain’s Aegeans mean their Sovereign must secure his bloodline — but the Heir of Anowen would prefer to avoid his inheritance.

How can he establish a House of his own, when he has failed the family he already has?

When Dorian’s efforts to protect his charges result in a breach of Immortal pacts, simmering tensions with a rival House flare dangerously close to war. Blood has always called for blood, and trouble is making a habit of finding those the Elder loves.

Can Dorian trust himself to keep his family safe? Or will even his best laid plans fail them all if the discord of war arrives at their door?

$2.99 USD.

Editorial Reviews

“If you’ve been following this series, then you know how tense and emotional these books can be. This one was no different. Steamy, dark and captivating are only a few of the words I’d use to describe this book. Another great addition to this series – with an end that is sure to make you cry.” -Kindle Customer

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