Rhythm of Hearts

Eternity is his heartbeat…

Lieutenant John Lewis should be dead, but he has fortune’s kiss and an Immortal’s gift to thank for his latest, unexpected problem — the soul-deep tug of desire he feels for Cora, the brusque Immortal whose responsibility he has become.

She cannot see past his fledgling immortality to the man he is besides.

When John’s work as a prize fighter threatens to pit him against the champion of a rival Immortal House, sparks begin to fly. Cora is duty bound to prevent the fledgling from a mistake that might reignite an ancient cold war — but the former soldier intends on teaching his guardian to march to a different beat.

 Can John trust the rhythm of his heart to woo Cora’s fiery soul? Or will his need to best a rival cost the former soldier his true, eternal prize?

$1.99 USD.

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