Rise of Anowen

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No secret lasts forever…

For centuries, Vampire Lord Lian Redmond has lived with the betrayal of the Elders who should have been his guardians – protecting a secret that could rock a crumbling kingdom.

Now, he faces a choice he can no longer delay.

When the fall of their Sovereign plunges Britain’s Immortals into chaos, Lian must reveal he is the true Heir to the warring Kingdom or surrender his freeborn Family to the seductive power of Vanessa, Queen of House Delresus.

Will Lian act in time to save his family? Or will the legacy of a broken trust be enough to sink the birthright of his House before it rises?

Discover the Secret.

$1.99 USD.

Editorial Reviews

“A Vampire novel of the old-fashioned sort, wrapped in an ethereal gauze of elegance and deceptive charm while underneath the blood flows.”— Gordon A. Long, Reedsy Discovery

“Recommended for fans of the statelier, more traditional Vampire style. Like watching a film through gauze, with the occasional flash of red, living blood showing through.”— Gordon A. Long, Reedsy Discovery

“[Renee and Rae’s] subtle but powerful touch with language captures the mind’s eye and transports audiences into Anowen itself, connecting them to the characters as closely as if their blood song too ran through their veins. Taking great care with historical detail, the authors weave a rich tale of love, betrayal, and what it means to be free.” — Jennifer Dinsmore, 2019

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