Sons of Anowen

They are his chosen ones…

For centuries, Lian Redmond, Sovereign of the Aegean Immortals, has failed at only one duty — lifting his House from the ashes of grief and into a future hope.

Finally, it is a promise he has the heart to keep.

A dying soldier and a crippled street artist; two souls, one destiny.

To become the sons of Anowen.

In “Raising John,” a mortally wounded soldier finds himself at death’s door when an enigmatic stranger arrives at his bedside to make him an offer he can’t refuse.

In “Winning Alexander” a desperate street artist must overcome prejudice and fear of the unknown to save the only family he has left.

In “Brothers; A New Beginning” the youngest sons of Anowen finally meet their Immortal family and discover that Eternity is more complicated than they believed.

These stories are bonus content of the Aegean Immortals Series and can be enjoyed as stand-alone shorts or in the authors’ recommended reading order as part of the series.

$0.99 USD.

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