Symphony of War

An ereader with a black screen and the text Symphony of War; The Aegean Immortals Series Book Five

To protect their peace, she’ll sacrifice her own…

For over two centuries, Immortal Ayla Sorensen has endured a curse worse than death – silence and separation from the family she has chosen. Her withered heart is a breve played in the symphony of Anowen’s bonds.

It is a scar and prison she has learned to accept.

But when the dual threats of love and war rise to endanger what she has sworn to protect, the Dark Queen must make a difficult choice – she can guard her heart or defend her House. With war at their doorstep, Ayla must restore her bonds with the coven – even if securing Anowen’s future might come at the price of her own.

Will Ayla’s heart join her sword to defend her House’s honor? Or will love’s eternal song cause the coven’s champion to fail them in its darkest hour?

Experience the sacrifice: October 26, 2020.

$4.99 USD.

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