The Refugee’s Song

Death would be a kindness…

French refugee Joanna Holt has already lost everything worth living for, but the streets of 17th century England have no mercy to spare a widow who won’t abide by their laws.

Only a cruel sort of justice waits once she refuses to join their shadows.

When misfortune lands Joanna in a prisoner transport to a London workhouse, rescue by an enigmatic stranger may mean better days to come. But shadows lurk in a glittering court, and the refugee’s salvation has come at a price she dreads.

Will Joanna embrace a fate she fears is worse than death? Or will a gift that promises life Immortal, prove instead a curse that eternally damns?

$0.99 USD.

Editorial Reviews

“The writing of this backstory is a wonderful blend of historical knowledge and breathtaking imagery. The characters are rich and they have the ability to pull you into the story. Joanna ‘s character, although seeming frail and delicate, proves to be quite the opposite. Her strength is shown by her ability to go on, endure, after the loss of her husband and daughter. She is far from home and she has no one, yet. She is saved from being sent to a workhouse by Lord Redmond. He becomes her maker, father, and she has to come around to the idea she is immortal and the song that plays in her blood ties her to this new life. The storyline left me wanting more. Thank you for the preview of Songs of Blood.” — Amazon reviewer Maggiedan.

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