The Urchin’s Song

Survival is her game…

Born with the devil’s mark, Agnes St. John has only ever been able to count on herself — and that will never change. The streets are kinder to the teenaged urchin than any shelter she’s ever known.

She’s even learned how to avoid the gallows.

But when the teen’s streak of luck finally runs out, to skirt the noose, Agnes must do something she has never done — trust strangers to save her skin. It means taking a new name under her saviors’ protection, and Agnes — Eden — faces a new dilemma. Favors have to be repaid, and the urchin suspects there is more to her otherworldly guardians than meets the eye.

Can the teen trust that a new name and home will help her belong at last? Or will the discovery of a family’s dark secret lead to the end of Eden’s hope?

Watch her play.

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